Saturday, 31 March 2012

HI All, It is just about 2 months from the Quilt Canada event in Halifax at the end of May. The more I read and hear about it the more excited I am. We will be going Wed. May 30 and staying -2 nights-, returning June 1 Friday-at a cost of $325.00 each. Take the stress out of the driving- let the bus driver do it for you. Anyone -Guild member or not- is welcome to join us. Go see these 10 quilt shows, -8 of them on Dalhousie campus. One is across the street at IWK Hospital and one is close to Pier 21 in an art gallery. Perhaps the new market will also be open at Pier 20. Two of the shows (Howe Hall and Merchant Mall) are free to see. Two ask for donations (Public Archives on campus and at the Art Gallery), and the others have various prices ($10, $5, $2, $2, $3). Three of the shows are in the Student Union Building. There is a map of the campus/quilt shows. There is still time to sign up - email Barb Elliott . If you are travelling alone we will find you a roommate. We are a friendly bunch and we all love quilts, so we share interests. Complete payments are due by April 20. Pam Noble, our bus leader, will book us hotel rooms in Bedford at Holiday Inn-about 20 minutes away. She will book us 2 per room. Breakfast is included. The bus and the hotel is all that is included in the price-$325.00. Whatever else you buy, including meals, is on your own. Lunch ($15) is on campus in Howe Hall. We may have to pre-book that. We will have to figure out what to do for supper. The huge Merchant Mall may have 80 vendors - that's a lot of shopping under one roof!!!! We need a minimum of 35 people to sign up by April 20 with complete payments due then. We can have up to 50 people join us. (There are 2 bus sizes to choose from.) Spread the word.

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