Thursday, 29 March 2012

A "think and bring" project! As most of you know the Gathering of the Guilds is being held shortly in Woodstock. We need your help. Please bring any quilted items made at work shops or workadays in the past two years, to the next meeting, if you are willing to allow us to take them to the GOG for our display and presentation. Any items should be labelled. A label can be pinned on if item is not labelled. We will have a registry for these items at the meeting, so we can keep track of everything. If a member has an item they wish us to take, and they can not get to the meeting, please contact us about pick up. We need lots of things, so please help, remember, we are representing our guild. So, think hard..."what did I make"...purses, runners, miniatures, lapquilts, etc...all would be appreciated!! These will be displayed, and brought back safely

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