Saturday, 8 September 2012


   Yesterday I went to the Frex, the Fredericton Exhibition that is for those who don't know.  Each year Sandra Day and her daughter Kim along with the Guild, work hard to make a quilt top to put on bars and quilt during the Frex.  This shows the skill of many members, and a time honoured tradition of hand quilting and hands on right in front of hundreds of people.  It is a great time as well, talking, selling tickets on the quilt, meeting new passer-bys and just plain fun.
 I took a few pictures while I was on site, quilting, talking and selling tickets and I will share them...

Kim and Sandra Day daring me to take a picture!

      I always enjoy my time there, and am constantly amazed by Sandra and Kim who seem to take up residence at the "fair" while it is on.  We had many visitors, including some from out of country (Australia in particular), some quilters from other guilds, many interested adults, male and female alike!  Most everyone stops and chats about past memories of parents, grandmothers, great grandmothers who quilted.  Lovely memories for people are brought back, you can see it in their faces!

Evelyn MacNaughton visiting with Australian quilter.


  DippyDog, the Mascot for the Frex new this year, came to see what quilting was all about as well!

                    Kathy working on her stitches to help pull Dakota Lulu together@ the Frex.

 Visit, working and chatting!

SUCH concentration!!

  A HUGE thank you to Sandra and Kim and to all of the Volunteers who come and go as needed!!


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