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  On Friday and Saturday of last week, ECQG had a two day retreat with 36 members attending.  It was a great time, and I wish everyone could have participated!  Alas, 'twas not possible for a number of reasons.  Those of us lucky enough to attend were treated to snacks and lunch and supper on Friday and snacks and lunch of Saturday...and they were yummy and the food was plentiful!!  Thank you very much to the organizing committee from all of us.  We were well looked after.
  Faye came in and took some photos to share on the blog and I took some as well with my iPhone and iPad.  Have a look.  Maybe you can tell which were taken by a camera and which were taken by other means:

Isn't this a beautiful cake ?  It was our dessert on Friday for supper!  Thanks Joan!

Let's start with some of the photos from attendees in no particular order.
Elaine Mayo's finished bird quilt.

Charlotte's cat quilt...(Charlotte LOVES cats!)

Linda's gorgeous braid quilt.

Note Linda's matching sweater!!!

Kathy O's Little Twister wreath tabletopper.

June's multicoloured quilt.

Wendy made this incredibe graduation quilt,

for her son who designed it.

Part of Wendy's quilt using McKenna Ryan's applique designs.

Janet's gorgeous redwork

Pam did a great job on her miniature Around the World

Charlotte's CAT (matching pillow)!

Kathy O's about to be sewn twister wreath and Marg Rutledge's completed mini twister.

       Marj D is holding one of her 2 11x 14 inch casserole dishes of rice pudding.  YES, we had that much rice left over from supper on Friday and Marj very KINDLY took the rice home and made one dish of rice pudding with raisins and one without.  It was yummy indeed.  Thanks so much!!  Brought me back to my childhood.  The recipe will follow.

Joyce's brain at work with...

blacks, whites, greys and reds.

Joyce explaining her square to Charlotte.

Bertha modelling one of her aprons.

Bertha showing a kiddie apron.

Linda showing her beautiful Oriental quilt.

Elaine working on her is a finish!

Kathy f's mesh bag in the makin'.

June's stupendous log cabin.

It is taking shape June!

Natalie working on her borders.

Kathy O with her bright and beautiful quilt.

Peggy spent a lot of time on the floor with safety pins securing her pretty pinks and purples quilt!
A sale for Nancy!

Nancy C. and her store of fabric and notions. and lots of goodies.

Peggy's Barbed Wire blocks

Peggy figuring how to lay out her quilt blocks

Charlotte's tabletopper!

Charlotte's cat pillow that matches her cat quilt.

Kathy O's wreath made with the twister ruler and Kathy F admiring it.

One of Joy's sweet smaller projects.

Joy working away on some smaller projects.

Dorothy's stunning red and white pillow with satin stitch ( which you cannot see).

Ann working on her Christmas apron

 Marj is doing this beautiful quilt pattern with blocks and appliqué -
so nice!

Marj concentrating...

Lucy preparing for a workshop using lovely browns and blacks

Karen working at her machine
Another view of the mini 'round the world with Pam

Wendy's colourful quilt!
Does this signify "the end"?

It isn't the end quite yet as I have the recipe from Marj for you-all:

"Left over Rice" ---Pudding

   -Marj Deveau

Heat on stove but do not scald or boil

1 cup rice
2 cups milk 
Grate in some citrus zest ...maybe 1/2 tsp or to taste

While this is heating

Beat together:
2 eggs
1/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla (or to taste)
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Mix into first ingredients and whisk together.  Stir and let it cook until it reheats.  May thicken!
Pour into greased casserole dish and heat at 350 until set.

Can be multiplied .

There you go .  I am sorry that a few of the photos for some reason couldn't be transferred to the blog post, so that is all for now.

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