Sunday, 11 May 2014

Our Germany connection...


    ECQG guild member Cheryl Petreman is heading to Germany and will start her PhD. in German history while her husband is on sabbatical for a year.  She will spend a month in Dresden, and from September to March in Berlin.  Sounds exciting to me!  The rest of the year is "up in the air" but no doubt it will be a rewarding year with some adventure and hard work as well.

  A friend of Cheryl's in Munich is organizing a quilt show at the International Radiation Protection Association conference in Geneva, June 21-27.  " I cobbled together the following 2' x 4' art quilt and shipped it off..." says Cheryl.

  Below see the photo of Cheryl's quilt, as well as the description written by Cheryl to go along with the Quilt at the Radiation conference.  

  Congratulations to Cheryl Petreman!

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