Friday, 12 October 2012

Show and Tell from October ECQG Meeting!

  Well, the photos have arrived and I will post them below.

   There are  lovely examples of talent, colour and pattern selection.

  Peruse at your leisure!!


Janice Woodworth's lovely tabletopper

Great fabric choice for this interesting pattern!

Pat Parrill shows her delightful calming quilt,

called Smokey River.

Claire Buck hides behind her yellow and brown table runner

...and successfully hides again while showing her table topper.

closer view of Claire Buck's lovely table toper.

Elaine Stairs (helped by Pat Campbell) shows her vibrant star quilt...


Elaine Stairs' planet back for her star quilt.

Heather O'Leary showing her new baby quilt.

Ann Coles and her colourful quilt (look at the incredible 1/2 square triangle border)

Monkey Business!  Nice, eh?

Joy Sowers shows off her Halloween Wallhangings.

...a little closer.

...and another! So, all set for Halloween. 

Anne Palmer and her gorgeous table toppers/wallhangings.

Lovely turquoise log cabin, up close.

Anh, here we have a star topper, or wallhanging!

Anita Saunders shows us her stunning Stars quilt!

I for one, LOVE the colours!!
Doris Kilburn holds up her Vancouver Canucks quilt.  Is this for you Doris?

This is Bonnie Beek's Pineapple Quilt.  Great contrast!

...and a close-up.

Love the vibrant Mini Mouse quilt made by Bonnie Beek

Don't you love the variety of Mini Mouses?  Mini Mice...?

Peggy Holt and her Mesh Bag, as well as Beth Brennan's bag.

...and a closeup.
Joyce Neuman shows her stunning 1/2 square triangle star quilt.

believe it or not, it is made from leftovers given to her!!
Joyce hand quilted this quilt.

...a different view

Gorgeous on a bed, the quilting really stands out as well!!

Dorothy Johnson shows this SunBonnet Sue quilt


Cathy Baker and her kitty cat quilt

Sitting pretty as cats do.

Anne O'Brien's Strip Cocktail quilt

I have learned that this is a "finish" of and old UFO project.

...close up, and congratulations on the finish Anne.

Anne O'Brien's Blue Bali quilt.

See the fussy cuts?

Wendy McLean and her multipurpose holder.


Applique indeed!

Hope that you all enjoyed Show and Tell, either in person, or on the Blog.  Because I was unable to go to the meeting in October, the photos, really fill me in and I know how much I missed!!

Signing off for now,

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