Sunday, 4 November 2012

IWK Kit Preparation Day

A Note from our Coordinator, Dianne Kelly:

On Saturday, Oct. 27th, 20 members of our guild got together to make up the kits for the IWK Teen quilts. It was a very successful day with everyone having fun choosing fabric, coordinating colours, measuring, cutting, laughing, and  best of all having access to Noreen Stairs' lovely sewing room.  Of course there were delicious treats to munch on.
Joyce, in the Thinker pose as she plans a quilt/pattern.


Choosing fabric for kits.

Stash stashed on one of Noreen's bed's awaiting "the cut" and kit process.

and more cutting!

Finished quilt by Elaine Mayo, decorated with a couple of appliqueed flowers.

Lunch time!

 It was quite amazing to see the organization, teamwork and, of course, the results. Joan, and her team, had the whole process organized and well thought through.

Thank you to everyone who donated their fabrics. It was quite inspiring to see how all those fabrics could be coordinated for kits. I am confident that they are simple to do and very appropriate for the age group. I was thinking today of the young people and their families whose lives we will touch with these quilts. I think we have chosen a great charitable project for the year.

Please be sure to see Joan at the November meeting and sign out a kit. We have had a great beginning. You will want to be a part of this project.  Have a look at the  worker bees, in  the photos .

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