Tuesday, 5 March 2013


  Well, folks, last weekend when I was in Newfoundland Elm City Quilt Guild had, I have been told by many, a wonderful class taught by one of our member's,Cathy Hachey.  It was a class on curves, cathedral windows using a new techinque that Cathy had learned and now has shared.  It was a well attended workday with 40 members, and enjoyed by all!!  Thank you Cathy.
  I received several photos that I will share on the blog... from Karen Guitard and Pat Kennedy.

  So, here goes, enjoy and a big thank you to  first ones from Pat Kennedy, 

Marj Deveau has sent in the following photos...doesn't the class look fun?  Wish I had been in town:

      and thanks for the rest of the photos from Karen Guitard...

and again THANKS to Karen Guitard...the step by step of the CLASS...

So ... there you have it!!
Thanks for tuning in,


  1. Wonderful photos girls! Sorry I wasn't able to be there.

    Sandra Noftell

  2. We missed you Sandra, but you can only do so much remember!