Saturday, 27 September 2014

Peggy Holt's Soymilk and Watercolour Painting Workshop

   Today was the first workshop of the 2014/2015 term of the Elm City Quilt Guild and it featured a very talented artist in our guild, Peggy Holt.  With the assistance of Joy Sowers and Gloria Pearson the workshop went off without a hitch.  It was so well organized and flowed smoothly from 9am to 3ish pm with lots of happy Guild members!

   The members in attendance learned a lot today.   We learned that Peggy is writing a book and learning how to typeset. We learned how to watercolour from light to dark,  and made a good attempt of painting on fabric!  There was variation from the newbies painting a fairly simple project to the more experienced painting very complex pieces.

   Many thanks to Peggy and the Workshop Committee for the preparation and carry through of the day. Let me now show you some of our day's highlights in pictures that I took with my iPhone (as our Photographer wasn't there today).  The pictures could be better.

   Our teacher for the day as I said is learning how to typeset and here is her first try...
     not bad, eh?
Emily Carr writing after attending her first Art Show that her sisters funded

Peggy's adaptation of a work of Emily Carr

Here are some samples of Peggy Holt's works as she teaches -  and I scoot around and take pictures.

Peggy teaching

Crowd shot!

Beautiful works of our teacher Peggy.

Peggy showing a fabric landscape.

Class at work, from my seat.


Boat through the screen.

Can you see the in previous photo?

   Enjoy the following photographs of individuals in the class and their projects in various stages of finishing.

Suggestions and guidance was given to us all throughout the day.

What a DAY!!  Thanks to Peggy Holt for this experience.

The Blog is soon being passed over to our new Blogger Helen who will be doing most if not all of the blogging from now on!!

Now to go outside and enjoy the sunny day.

Thanks ALL,

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