Friday, 16 August 2013

Hello all,

I  had a call from Sandra Day this afternoon about the Frex and ECQG’s booth of hand quilting and ticket selling.

The challenge, for those who don’t know, is that the Guild needs to cover from Monday September 2nd to Saturday the 7th.  Hours of coverage are from 12pm -10pm daily, with at least 4 people/shift desired. (3 shifts to choose from, noon-3, 3-6 and  6-10)  

There is a bit of a problem however,  Sandra our big organizer is having cataract surgery on Tuesday the 26th. She of course has no idea HOW she is going to feel, and WHAT she is going to be able to do!  So, we need to really step up this year!!   This is our major fund raiser for the year.  

For our new members, the quilt that we each made blocks for this year, the Nova blocks, have been put together by Sandra, and it will be put on quilt frames at the Frex.  Now ... you DO NOT have to be able to hand quilt, but it is a great place to sit and learn.  It also is a super time to get to know one another, and there are times that many guild members come day after day, because it is really alot of fun!  If you don’t want to quilt, or cannot, or are unable, don’t fret, you can always sell tickets on the quilt itself (thus the fundraiser aspect).  There is always space for you to sit and chat as well helping to keep the quilters company.

  So, Dianne Kelly, our fearless leader,  has been given the assignment of scheduling (by me and Sandra).  No doubt there will be a communication regarding this from Dianne soon.  Any help in this aspect of the project is also gratefully accepted as well.

  Oh yes, Sandra and Kim also decorate the large booth with a background of quilts (and those are ready to go up), but Sandra may call upon some members to help with this set up Friday or Saturday of the Labour Day weekend.  The other thing that Sandra mentioned is that she and Kim will put the quilt on the frame on Sunday and they will also be around each evening to quilt (all things going smoothly).

  Let us wish Sandra good luck on the 26th and come out and support the Frex Project.

  Thanks all,

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