Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Newbie Quilter...ANNA!!

  I thought that I would show you all a member, Kathy O'Connell's,  granddaughter Anna.  The information that Kathy sent at the time I thought that I would blog about Newbies, is that "Anna is in Grade 3 at Connaught St, she will be 9 in June". Well, now Anna will be going into grade 4 in the fall and just had her 9th birthday!!  

Anna loves to dance and is an active bright little girl with an amazing spark in her eyes.  When she visited me recently she was animated, interesting in everything and looked me right in the eye when talking to me...something I think is very important!

 Anna is very artistic; loves to draw, paint, and has helped her Nanny design a couple of quilts for her dolls. One day this spring, Anna was visiting Kathy O, and asked if she could do some quilting, so Kathy took her down to her sewing room and left her to create something.  

Isn't this an amazing, complex, well designed little block for an 8 year old?  Great job, Anna!!  Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Does anyone else in the Guild have a Newbie story to share?

Just let me know.
Sew often,
Kathy F.

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